purple dock railing

here’s a great shot of dock railing. the sunset on the lake has it lit up like a neon sign. The sky and the lake also show a wide range of purples, reds and pinks. the railing must have been polished with lots of elbow grease to end up so shiny!

leaf swing

This leaf swing is really neat and the setting for this picture is absolutely gorgeous!

While the beach is quite lovely, I think this would also look great beside a rustic deck railing looking out into the forest.


This picture comes from The Style Files which is a wonderful site with lots of fresh design ideas!

elliptical stair railing

Here’s an awesome pic of a stair railing idea. This stair is part of an ellipse; see how one side of the handrail rises faster than the other. That’s because each side of that stair is describing a different arc. Since they cover the same distance, the inside railing has to rise faster than the outside. This presents an extreme challenge for the stair builder and an even greater one for the trim carpenter.

The stair builder generally will make some sort of template to copy the shape of each arc. This must then be translated into three dimensions. The trim carpenter deals with the same issues but with much smaller tolerances: ZERO. Good trim carpentry requires joints that are flawless and this railing is exemplary.


Deck Railing

Check out the newest deck railing project. This one is made with ipe 1×4 boards and mountain laurel sticks woven together. The finished look is awesome, especially with the trees in the background. The handrails really blur the distinction between the home and the forest beyond! Contact me to get started on your deck railing project.


Crafted in Western North Carolina